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Dolcool chillers


| | Apr 20, 2011 | 4:28 pm
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Saying that they are suitable for most commercial and industrial liquid cooling applications, Dolcool has introduced Daw Series air-cooled modular chillers. Available in capacities from 17 KW to 450 KW, they are completely factory-assembled and are ready to operate after being connected to power and water supplies, claims Dolcool.

The manufacturer lists the following product features and advantages:

  • The chiller systems include compressors (scroll/screw), operating and safety controls, internal power and control wiring, built-in flow switch and pump On/Off control, and are charged with a refrigerant (R22/R134a) at the factory.
  • The unit capacity can be varied by staging the compressors in response to variations in return water temperature.
  • A factory-supplied wired remote control centre displays the inlet and outlet water temperature, system status and alarm conditions.
  • The fully automatic devices and the remote control centre enable the user to monitor and control the chiller and pumps, the on/off operation and temperature setting, installed as far as 1,000 metres away from the chiller according to the user’s convenience. The operation of the chilled water pump can also be controlled through the remote control centre.
  • Each unit is factory-operated and performance-tested at various controlled ambient and water temperature conditions. They are, therefore, engineered to provide trouble-free operation at ambient temperature conditions as high as 55ºC.
  • The compact modular design facilitates easy lifting, shifting and erecting, and requires less space.
  • The modular construction also helps the user to augment the total chiller capacity by adding attachable modules, if necessary.
  • No special foundation work or machine room is required for installation.
  • It is simple to operate.
  • Automatic operation facilitates increased safety. The unsupervised operation is completely safe, as any abnormal condition automatically initiates shutdown of the related refrigerant circuits.
  • Copeland Scroll Compressor and specially designed fans enable a quiet operation. The chiller structure is engineered to minimise the vibration.
  • All essential service and maintenance can be performed by easily removable access panel.

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