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| | Mar 20, 2011 | 8:06 pm
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Dubbed as a fabric duct backbone, HVAC fabric air dispersion manufacturer, DuctSox, has introduced SkeleCore, the in-duct cylindrical tensioning device (CTD) at the recent AHR Expo. The company claims the new product eliminates sagging and wrinkling.

According to DuctSox, the patent-pending SkeleCore is the first fabric duct CTD that maintains an inflated appearance even during idle air handler periods, and eliminates the popping sound associated with equipment start-up. The end caps also have a taut, flatter appearance.

SkeleCore consists of a 3/4-inch-diameter, lightweight aluminium tube supporting a series of 3/16-inch-diameter powder-coated steel, 360-degree connecting rings, which are precisely sized to administer tension on the inner fabric duct walls for a permanently inflated, streamlined appearance. SkeleCore’s backbone tubes are six feet long and designed to snap easily into the support rings and couplers with a spring-loaded, quick-connect / release mechanism.

See the following product features and advantages:

  • SkeleCore is available in 15 diameters, ranging from eight to 36 inches. As against DuctSox’s 3 x 1 hanger system, SkeleCore adds approximately 30 minutes of installation time per 100-foot run, adds four to seven-ounces / foot of weight, induces minimal friction loss, and carries a comparable cost
  • It is available with Sedona-Xm anti-microbial premium permeable fabric, Tuftex non-porous premium fabric, Coronado-patterned designer fabric, Duratex non-porous commercial fabric, and Verona all-purpose commercial
    fabric. SkeleCore is also available in Comfort Flow and High Throw air delivery models
  • It is easily disassembled for air distribution reconfigurations or for commercial laundering
  • It carries the same significant material and labour savings that all DuctSox have, as against metal duct and register systems.
  • It is designed to be nested during shipping and carries similar shipping benefits as conventional fabric ductwork
  • It is compatible with all cylindrical fabric duct track or cable suspension systems, and is a retrofit replacement for all other fabric duct brands
  • It is compatible with all DuctSox diffusion systems, the Adjustable Flow Device (AFD), personalisation / imaging and other accessories
  • It is more streamlined than spiral metal duct, which shows protruding registers and helical ribbing along each length
  • It is visually aesthetic

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