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Qatar 2022 cup win starts ball rolling

Niche technology providers benefiting from Qatar promise on sustainable technologies

| | Mar 20, 2011 | 2:07 pm
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Niche technology providers benefiting from Qatar promise on sustainable technologies

Providers of sustainable technologies are already feeling the positive business effects of the 2022 World Cup, whose bid featured numerous sustainable initiatives.

Charles Constantin addresses the gathering

With key projects, such as transport and logistics hubs, being accelerated as the clock ticks towards Qatar 2022, Doha hosted Geze Supreme Building Technology 2011 late last month.

Speaking from the event, Charles Constantin, managing director, Geze Middle East, noted: “Innovation and sustainability go together, and we are seeing new demand for innovative technologies that meet high safety and efficiency standards.”

Predicting that control and monitoring systems to handle the opening status of windows in the event of fire, and for daily ventilation purposes, will become standard in a few years, Constantin explained: “Fast adoption of technologies would be expected in the GCC region, particularly in countries such as Qatar that have demonstrated the will and desire to seek environmentally sustainable solutions, as evidenced in the recent Qatar 2022 bid proposals.”

Of the event, Constantin said: “We have connected with existing and potential partners, including contractors, architects and other industry stakeholders who contribute by driving the adoption of such niche technologies in projects. We have recently retooled our operations in the region and are focusing on transferring technologies that deliver just that.”

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