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Danfoss seminar spotlights next-gen scroll

New compressor comes with the promise of highest COP in the market, company says

| | Mar 20, 2011 | 7:43 pm
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New compressor comes with the promise of highest COP in the market, company says

Danfoss on March 6 conducted a product seminar in Dubai to spotlight its Performer H Series commercial compressor, which is manufactured in China.

The seminar was led by Manohar S Reddy, the company’s Global Marketing Product Manager for air conditioning compressors, who started off his presentation by saying that the Performer was the company’s next-gen scroll, because it was advanced and simple in design.

Elaborating on the product, Reddy said the product gave value to customers in the forms of energy savings (the highest COP in the market), low sound and higher reliability (with features like oil injection and HOOP – Hot Oil Over Protector).

Further, Reddy said, the Performer had one-third fewer parts than any scroll in the market, no threaded fasteners, almost no startup or shutdown sound, delta P start and adaptive control.

Elaborating on the earlier-stated claim that it had fewer internal parts than other scrolls in the market, Reddy said that this single feature imbued the compressor with higher quality, enhanced reliability and consistent performance. Likewise, the absence of threaded fasteners, Reddy said, meant it cancelled the possibility of loosening of bolts/fasteners while running, during the compressor’s lifetime, which in turn, protected the compressor from failing.

In his presentation, Reddy said the Performer also had good thermal fault protection, thanks to HOOP and a bi-metallic oil return thermal valve. The valve, he added gave additional protection for the compressor and worked in conjunction with HOOP. This, he said, greatly improved the tolerance to thermal fault conditions.

Speaking on the low sound feature, Reddy said that this was possible owing to a disk check valve. The valve, he said, was positioned right on top of the discharge port. Being a flat disk, the valve provided an excellent seal and eliminated leaks, he added. The valve, Reddy said, remained open while running and closed at the time of shutdown.

Then speaking on the oil injection feature, Reddy said it improved efficiency from reduced leakage and ensured cooler discharge temperatures at high ambient/Pr. ratio conditions and better scroll tip and floor lubrication for thermal fault conditions.

During his presentation, Reddy also addressed the issue of replacing a failed compressor, essentially presenting a checklist of dos and don’ts. For instance, he said, it was important to check for burnt electrical components and to ensure that the technicians involved in the replacement process flushed and cleaned the entire system and checked for the proper oil level. It was also important, Reddy said, to ensure that the compressor was of the same capacity and voltage and that it matched with the existing unit voltage. In the same way, it was important to check for reverse rotation and to monitor the oil level after re-commissioning. Further, he said, it was crucial that the system was checked to ensure adequate oil returned even under minimum load conditions.

Speaking generally about the Performer, Reddy clarified that there were no design changes in what was manufactured in US and in China.

When asked why the company decided to manufacture the Performer out of China, Reddy said it was to serve the Chinese, Indian and Middle East markets better.

Prior to Reddy’s presentation, Julio Molinari, President (Middle East) of Danfoss FZCO, spoke on the occasion.

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