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Central Plant Optimisation

Johnson Controls

| | Mar 20, 2011 | 8:19 pm
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Johnson Controls

Central Plant Optimisation 10 (CPO 10)
Central Plant Optimisation 30 (CPO 30)

Depending upon climate, region and equipment configurations, a central chilled water plant can consume more than 30% of the power required to run a building. Johnson Controls has announced a new software technology to help reduce energy consumption in central chilled water plants in buildings by up to 60%.

The new system-level automation software, Central Plant Optimisation 10 (CPO 10) and Central Plant Optimisation 30 (CPO 30), can achieve persistent optimum performance and energy savings in central plants in new constructions and retrofit. The technology is available for virtually all types of buildings, including residential, commercial, mixed-use, hospitality, airports, hospitals and educational facilities.

Both CPO 10 and CPO 30 feature innovative control technologies that are designed to provide system performance improvements based on real-time building loads, and is designed to be integrated with modern building automation systems and HVAC equipment.

Magdy Mekky, vice president and managing director, Johnson Controls Middle East, said: “Building owners and operators have the biggest opportunity to realise savings where the facility consumes the most energy – the central chilled water plant. A holistic approach to plant design and operations is necessary to drive efficiencies that minimise operating costs, reduce environmental impact and lead to a better return on investment.”

See the following product features and advantages:

Central Plant Optimisation 10 (CPO 10)

It maximises a facility’s HVAC system and equipment performance by selecting the most efficient combination of pumps, chillers and cooling towers needed to meet building cooling load

It can achieve up to 15% in energy savings over a standard automation approach in an otherwise identical plant

Powered by the Johnson Controls’ Metasys building management system (BAS), it leverages documented logic and standard programs to control the sequencing of pumps, isolation valves and chilled water plant equipment, while maintaining the timing delays for safe and stable operation

The Metasys ready access portal provides customised and easy-to-access plant operating information via standard browsers and Apple iPhone and iPod touch platforms to monitor plant operation, while Metasys Energy Essentials reporting enables visibility of energy use, including equipment runtime, starts and stops, energy consumption and energy cost details, weather details and daily load profiles, helping to monitor plant performance over time

Central Plant Optimisation 30 (CPO 30)

Powered by Optimum HVAC, the system incorporates a software application from Optimum Energy, which offers networked software solutions designed for energy efficiency commercial HVAC systems

A patented relational control technology, it enables variable speed central plants holistically based on the power relationships between each piece of equipment and real-time cooling load conditions

When combined with CPO 30’s built-in measurement, verification and management services, it is proven to provide stable, reliable and persistent energy reductions of 20% to 60% in existing plants, when coupled with plant upgrades

The software application is platform-neutral and provides seamless integration with any BAS, including Metasys

Every 30 seconds, the software automatically gathers current operating and building load data from the BAS. The application then applies relational control algorithms to calculate optimal system operation, and directs control sequences back to the BAS for execution

Graphs and charts make it easy to track and correct system faults as they occur.

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