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For five years now, we have been bringing out Climate Control Middle East, and what a thrilling, maddening, befuddling ride it has been!

| | Feb 20, 2011 | 4:24 am
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For five years now, we have been bringing out Climate Control Middle East, and what a thrilling, maddening, befuddling ride it has been!

B Surendar

B Surendar

Every day has been a discovery and an opportunity to add heft and variety to reportage, the kind of which we never imagined possible in late 2005, as we sat at the drawing board. Indeed, at the time of doing the initial rounds and getting feedback from the industry, some of the common questions were: An HVACR magazine? Will it have enough meat? What’s there to write about, anyway?

In all honesty, we didn’t have all the answers, then. It was a challenge to comprehend the variety in the acronym, HVACR. And we are still learning… and discovering. At the risk of sounding trite, every letter in the acronym is an ocean of esoteric features and peculiar traits, of epiphanies, accomplishments and immense potential. And to make it even more confounding, every letter is a slave of situations – some within its control and some seemingly as unbendable as the wind. Case-in point, the lingering downturn and the uncertainty and excitement it has fathered.

I shall ramble no further. This supplement, which shall later come out as a standalone book, is an opportunity to look back and, at the same time, look ahead in anticipation. It has been blessed by introductions from key industry associations – AHRI, ASHRAE and IDEA. We would like to call them friends of Climate Control Middle East, for that’s what they are in our esteem. We asked them to write to celebrate the occasion, and they were kind enough to oblige. And for that, we are ever so grateful to them and will ever cherish their gesture. Thank you!

This supplement also contains a picture-feature. Words cannot express better what the pictures – a reproduction of some of the pages from the distant and recent past – can accomplish. We hope you enjoy the spread.

And as a final thrill, we bring to you the kind words of the many readers who, when they heard of this supplement, promptly sent in their best wishes and expressed their sentiments about the magazine. Thank you, all. We immensely do appreciate your thoughts and perspectives.

B Surendar
Editorial Director & Associate Publisher 

Frédéric Paillé

Frédéric Paillé

As Surendar said, some in the industry questioned the need for HVACR publication. However, it struck me that there were existing HVACR magazines in nearly every corner of the world, except in the hottest one, right here in the Middle East!

Initially the publication was bi-monthly, purely as a precautionary measure. The response was such though we went monthly in March 2006, missing February as a mark of respect to the passing of HH Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

I would like to thank you, the industry, for your support. The aim going forward is to grow Climate Control Middle East as a comprehensive marketing solutions provider.

Watch out for a raft of upcoming industry focused events, recruitment services, educational seminars.

Frédéric Paillé
Managing Director & Associate Publisher

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