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Concrete ring actuators


| | Feb 20, 2011 | 4:46 pm
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Sipos Aktorik

Underground conduction system uses concrete rings as an alternative to shafts and tunnels.Saying that traditional built-in shafts and tunnels and below ground systems are costly to construct, extending the network and providing ongoing maintenance is expensive and preventing ingress of water, soil and other particulates is challenging, SIPOS Aktorik, supplier of standard and specialist actuators, has announced the concrete ring solution. The latest underground conduction systems are being supported by SIPOS Aktorik’s actuators, the announcement added.

The new design uses concrete rings as an alternative to shafts and tunnels. Requiring no maintenance, this approach is an ideal application for SIPOS variable speed actuators for valve control, the company claimed.

With a design that is ideally suited for this application, SIPOS actuators can be mounted on a below ground valve with the electronics unit installed in a separate, readily accessible, above ground cabinet, SIPOS explained.

An integrated frequency converter protects motor controls making the SIPOS product a ‘fit and forget’ solution that is ideally suited for this below earth application, it claimed.

Other features that make SIPOS actuators appropriate for the underground application are an eight year servicing cycle and IP68 protection class, which confirms the product’s high corrosion resistance, the manufacturer added.

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