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It’s hard to believe we are five years old as a magazine, but as the mosaic of magazine covers in our archives would testify, that is, indeed, the case.

| | Jan 25, 2011 | 2:39 pm
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It’s hard to believe we are five years old as a magazine, but as the mosaic of magazine covers in our archives would testify, that is, indeed, the case.

B Surendar

B Surendar

It was on January 5, 2006 that we formally launched Climate Control Middle East. Since then, it’s been a privilege to be a part of the HVACR industry in the region and to share in all its joys and moments of anxiety, tinged with a resolve to overcome challenges. It’s been an unbelievable half a decade of linking up with developers, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, contractors, consultants, public authorities, industry bodies and academicians – we have learnt so much from all of you and, hopefully, served as a conduit for the exchange of information, ideas, thoughts, emotions, questions and answers.

We are celebrating the occasion in many ways – through bringing out a commemorative book, titled EnVision (short for engineering vision), through working towards more events than ever before and through redesigning the look of the magazine – the copy you are holding in your hands is the first issue of a new-look Climate Control Middle East; we hope you like what you are seeing. Much thought has gone into making the magazine more functional, easier to navigate and easier to read from a typography point of view; at the same time, we have paid a lot of attention to aesthetics and to infusing it with freshness.

I would like to say that we have revamped all the sections, but that is not the case; we simply did not feel the need to change anything there. That said, three months ago, one of them, Air Mail (letters to the Editor), came to life, thanks to contributions from you. On this occasion, we urge you to continue writing to us, in response to articles appearing in the magazine and for sharing fresh ideas with other readers. Starting this issue, we also have a new section, simply called Book Review. We hope you find it useful.

As for events, of immediate interest over the next few months are The Climate Control Conference (C3). The fourth edition is to take place in Al Khobar. Another event is the Climate Control Summit, in March, which we are co-organising with the producers of the Arabian Construction Week. And in April, we will be conducting, arguably, the region’s first food safety seminar from an HVACR perspective. The events are an extension of the magazine and of what we stand for.

Thank you for supporting us through sharing your knowledge, through your well-meaning suggestions and through choosing us as your marketing platform. It’s been nothing short of a collaborative effort to produce, what we believe, is a voice of the industry.

B Surendar

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