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Yazaki chillers for Masdar

Distributor claims product suited for thermal-assisted cooling installations driven by thermal collectors

| | Dec 15, 2010 | 10:28 am
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Distributor claims product suited for thermal-assisted cooling installations driven by thermal collectors

Zakir Ahmed

Zakir Ahmed

Nia Limited, as the exclusive distributor for Yazaki chillers from Japan, has recently secured an order for a 20TR water-fired absorption chiller for the Masdar Institute for Science & Technology project. Terming it as “unique” for the UAE, the distributor said that the nearly Dh200,000-worth order was inked on November 29. One unit will be delivered in February 2011, with the next one to follow in May, the company said. It also confirmed that it had already supplied a chiller in 2008.

According to Nia, the chiller generates 20 TR/70 kW cooling capacity from 29 TR/100 kW heat input, arriving at a thermal coefficient of performance (COP) of 0.7.

Zakir Ahmed, Managing Director, describing the chiller, said: “Operating from a heat medium inlet of 70oC, the Yazaki Aroace WFC chiller is extremely well-suited for thermal-assisted cooling installations driven by (either from solar or geothermal energy sources). However, it is also available in combination with exhaust or waste heat from industrial processes or generator sets. Being factory-charged with vacuum, refrigerant (water), and solution (Lithium Bromide), the series comes as close to ‘plug and play’ in absorption cooling as possible, saving time during commissioning sessions. Since it features only one mechanical part (solution pump) and no further refrigerant pump, the chillers are 100% welded, ensuring constantly high vacuum levels required in absorption cooling (88 resp. 8mbar).”

According to Nia, a pilot project study was conducted jointly by Masdar and Yazaki Corporation, Japan, from 2008. However, it said that the operational data was subject to the NDA between Masdar and Yazaki. It added that Yazaki employed special inhibitors that minimise the generation of hydrogen gas and, consequently, drastically reduce the frequency of service intermissions (hydrogen gas release).

Elaborating on the footprint of the system, Nia said that the 20 TR unit is 1,300 in (length) x1,060 width x 2,030 in height, and reiterated that since the units are sealed, and have no moving parts except one small pump, they needed minimum O&M.

The manufacturer claimed that ever since it has established its absorption chiller business, it has provided over 100 units worldwide, with a share of 40% of the Japanese small-to-medium absorption chiller market. The units are used in schools, offices, hospitals, industrial facilities, and hotels, it added.

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  1. anup tandlekar says:

    dear sir,

    i want to buy 1sample of wfc-SC5.. Please tell me the procedure to buy yazaki 17.5KW water fired chiller.

    thank you.

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