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WBB-Series Wall Brackets

Airtec Products Corp.

| | Dec 31, 2010 | 4:49 pm
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Airtec Products Corp.

Calling it a more versatile and a less expensive equipment mounting alternative to ground-level support pads, Airtec Products Corp, manufacturer and importer of HVACR products, has announced the introduction of Airtec WBB-Series Wall Brackets. Airtec claims that the WBB-Series fits most major brands of minisplit condensers up to 500-lbs as well as other equipment needing support. It adds that the new equipment-mounting series is constructed of heavy duty, powder coated, perforated steel or stainless steel, making it suitable for coastal or corrosive environments.

According to Airtec, the product keeps condensers and equipment clear of snow and debris accumulations, enhances serviceability, shortens the lineset run to the evaporatour, protects from vehicles versus ground-level parking area mountings, and potentially limits accessibility to vandals when positioned high on a wall.

Airtec lists the following product features and advantages:

  • All brackets are fully-adjustable with mounting ranges of three to 30-inch widths and 10-1/2 to 16-inch depths
  • The vertical supports can be moved laterally along the horizontal bracket to fit any condenser width
  • A removable spirit level on the crossbar ensures a level installation
  • Rubber isolation grommets limit vibration to the supporting structure
  • Available in models WBB-300 and WBB-500 that hold 300 and 500 lbs respectively
  • Weather-resistant
  • Offers flexibility of other styles such as:
    • Wall bracket with an integral cross-bracing for stabilising
    • Under window bracket
    • Hanging bracket for supporting a condenser under a slab, overhang or ceiling
    • Slab stand for raising the condenser up to 12 inches above a flat surface
    • Duplex stand for piggybacking two condensers
    • Slope stand for levelling a condenser on a sloped roof up to 45 degrees or a 12-inch pitch
    • Also included is the big foot-mounting support system for rooftop equipment up to 100 tonnes

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