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Michael Patton joins US Chiller Services

Is expected to implement green strategies as Energy Solutions Manager

| | Dec 15, 2010 | 11:02 am
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Is expected to implement green strategies as Energy Solutions Manager

Al Shirawi US Chiller Services has recently announced the appointment of Michael P Patton to the newly created position of Energy Solutions Manager. As Division Manager, Patton will be responsible for bringing water and energy savings concepts and equipment retrofit solutions for resource conservation to commercial customers and utility providers throughout the MENA region, the announcement elaborated.

Before accepting his new assignment, Patton worked for the Dolphin WaterCare Division of Clearwater Systems Corporation, in Connecticut, USA, where he served as the Director of Global Sales.

Highlighting Patton’s credentials, Al Shirawi US Chiller Services said that a long-time member of ASHRAE, Patton is the current Chairman of Technical Committee 3.6, Water Treatment for the Society. He also serves as a voting member on two ASHRAE Standards Committees – Standards Project Committee 188P, charged with developing a standard for the prevention of legionellosis and also serves as Secretary for SPC191P, on Efficient Use of Water in Buildings.

It added that Patton has authored papers and presented them at numerous HVAC industry conferences and seminars on green water treatment strategies. He has more than 28 years of experience in the Mechanical Engineering field, including previous appointments in the United States, with a full line HVAC manufacturers’ representative, commercial mechanical service and mechanical contracting companies.

“We are pleased to have someone of Michael’s calibre on board to manage the new Energy Solutions Division,” said Dan Mizesko, Managing Partner of Al Shirawi US Chiller Services, lauding the appointment. “His appointment allows US Chiller Services to focus on promoting a variety of proven solutions at our disposal to the MENA market, and help to grow our chiller maintenance and plant management services in the process. The Energy Solutions Division gives our customers more choices for implementing green strategies for energy and water savings, and fully complements our company-wide commitment to offer our customers the benefits of the most advanced technology available.”

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