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Actuationally speaking …

A report on SIPOS Aktorik’s presentation at the 2nd Annual District Cooling Summit 2010.

| | Dec 15, 2010 | 2:31 pm
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A report on SIPOS Aktorik’s presentation at the 2nd Annual District Cooling Summit 2010.

SIPOS Aktorik’s presentation was on actuation solutions for district cooling.

Steffen Koehler of Sipos Aktorik

Steffen Koehler of Sipos Aktorik

The importance of protecting hydraulics was a key focus of the presentation, by Steffen Koehler, the International Sales Manager of the company.

In the course of the presentation, Koehler detailed the variable-speed capability of the system, including its soft-start-and-stop functionality, which addressed the issue of water hammer.

Recognising that power supply in some countries could be inconsistent, Koehler highlighted that the company’s actuators were immune to voltage fluctuations, providing reliable valve control in the harshest of environments.

Koehler said that the system was endowed with an integrated frequency converter and intelligent electronics. As a result, he added, voltage fluctuations from -30% to +20% were tolerated; the actuator’s electronics stay online and the DCS communication continued. Additionally, the torque produced by the actuator, Koehler said, was not affected while the output speed is automatically adjusted, according to the voltage level. These specialist features from the actuation solution, Koehler said, combine to make it attractive for district cooling solutions in challenging power environments.

Koehler said that SIPOS’ district cooling credentials were confirmed, thanks to a range of UAE installations, including at Dubai Metro, Yas Island and Al Raha Beach.

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