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Trane adds Controls Services to its predictive maintenance package

Claims that total building services significantly reduce cost of ownership

| | Nov 18, 2010 | 2:52 pm
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Claims that total building services significantly reduce cost of ownership

Saying that controlling the cost of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is a top priority for building owners, and that Building Management Systems are an important contributor to these goals, Trane has announced the introduction of a service programme. It claims that the programme ensures optimum performance of these systems.

According to the announcement, Trane Controls Services consists of regular monitoring and adjusting of existing HVAC controls systems to maintain continuous optimum performance at the lowest possible operating and maintenance cost.

The new programme complements the predictive maintenance services offered by it, said Trane, and added that Controls Services and the existing Trane Select Contracts, which focus on servicing mechanical equipment, are designed to work together to offer customers a total building service solution to suit their needs. As with Trane Select, customers can choose from four levels of coverage, ranging from preventive maintenance to fully comprehensive services, the company claimed.

It further claimed that the Controls Services programme recognised the critical importance of building controls, which effectively serve as an HVAC system’s ‘brain,’ directly affecting energy efficiency, building equipment and occupant comfort and satisfaction.

Commenting on the new services, Jose Laloggia, Service and Parts Leader for the Trane commercial business in Europe and Middle East, said: “The effectiveness of a Building Management System has a direct effect on overall HVAC operating costs. With Trane Controls Services, customers can keep their systems functioning optimally so that energy-saving strategies continue to deliver the intended results.”

Saying that over time, small changes and adjustments can cause inefficiencies or mechanical wear on HVAC equipment, Trane maintained that through regular controls servicing, the company helps prevent emergency failures. It added that it also performed a proactive evaluation of building performance to identify and expose possible HVAC system improvements.

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