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SH600 controller

Eliwell Controls

| | Nov 18, 2010 | 4:43 pm
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Eliwell Controls

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Saying that the new SH600 controller connects and manages air conditioning and under-floor heating systems to enhance home comfort whilst minimising energy consumption, Eliwell has announced that it has introduced the product at this year’s Chillventa event.

Eliwell claims that SH600 controller has been designed to guarantee optimal integration of radiant heating systems with cooling systems in domestic environments and to interact dynamically with various types of systems and technologies used in modern construction.

Eliwell lists the following product features and advantages:

  • Its auto-adaptive capability offers benefits in terms of energy saving.
  • It is designed for 4 DIN rail mounting, which combines the management of both hot and cold systems within the home in one device.
  • It can integrate and manage up to 10 thermal actuators control modulating or three-point mixing water valves and manage the complete system of under-floor and air conditioning equipment over one or two zones.
  • It has advanced algorithms which can adapt automatically to internal or external changes of temperature or humidity with “auto-adaptive functionality”.
  • It has a programmable timer which can be set for daily or weekly function.
  • It has four simple buttons and a large and clear LED screen and an easy-to- use menu.
  • It has a full range of accessories available, including transformers, temperature probes, humidity probes, software tools, and mechanical and electronic thermostats.
  • It can be installed with the Eliwell SKW22 room terminal (with built-in temperature and humidity sensors) and can interface with other Energy Flex instruments, such as the SW600 controllers for heat pumps.

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