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Penthouse coolers


| | Nov 18, 2010 | 5:33 pm
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Saying that it offers an intelligent solution that can be adapted flexibly to suit many different types of warehouse and installation situations, Güntner has introduced Penthouse coolers.

The concept behind the Penthouse cooler is that the air cooler is installed on the roof, either in an insulated single housing or in a penthouse suitable for several units, explains Güntner. This arrangement allows optimum utilisation of the storage space. The units don’t block pallet positions and are not a hindrance for forklift trucks or automatic conveyor systems.

Güntner says that the concept has been used in the USA for many years, and is now becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

According to the manufacturer, the concept can be used in different types of warehouses. Depending on the design, the units can be installed on one side or in the middle of the warehouse roof, and can achieve optimum air routing and air throw through connection of a short air duct. The fans can be designed for different external pressures, such as 60 Pa or 120 Pa.

The cold-air lake principle can also be used. In this case, cooled air is blown down, and is then distributed on the warehouse floor as a cold-air lake. Supported by thermal activity, the warmer air flows upwards to the ceiling and back to the air coolers.

  • The cooler stands on steel frames and draws air in through grates inserted in the roof. The penthouse is installed or the roof element is placed on top only after these have been inserted.
  • Piping and valves are generally installed via the roof. This allows good accessibility for servicing and maintenance without impairing the movement of goods, thus saving time and money.

The penthouse cooler series is available for all conventional refrigerants – NH3, CO2, HFC, say Güntner.

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