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EW Plus eo Controllers

Eliwell Controls

| | Nov 18, 2010 | 5:27 pm
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Eliwell Controls

Dubbing it as environmentally optimised, Eliwell Controls has introduced its new EW Plus eo range of controllers for static and ventilated plug-in cabinets.

According to Eliwell Controls, the range consists of three models featuring completely renewed design features: the 1-relay EW Plus eo 961, the 2-relay EW Plus eo 971 and the 3-relay EW Plus eo 974.

The manufacturer claims that its design team has developed new control algorithms, which are energy efficient, regulate equipment power-up times, removing the need to install an additional sensor in the cabinet. The manufacturer says that the design solution is, therefore, suitable for new refrigeration equipment and also for upgrades. It adds that the new connectors will lead to significant reductions in the use of materials and optimise the disposal of the equipment at the end of its life cycle. The EW Plus eo controllers are also designed to meet the needs of applications that use new ecological gases, such as, R290, which makes them compatible with hydrocarbon applications, it further claims.

Eliwell Controls lists the following product features and advantages:

  • The controllers allow the direct management of loads with a 2 HP relay and 230 VAC power.
  • The cabling has removable terminal clamps, thus reducing the number of connections and cables in the applications.
  • Start-up time has been notably reduced by the introduction of intuitive menus.
  • The introduction of the USB Unicard implies that new configurations can be uploaded/downloaded even when the instrument is not powered up. Consequently, even small lots can be customised easily and quickly, without requiring external interfaces and a PC in the production line.
  • The large-size display and coloured icons help easy readings even from a distance.
  • All EW Plus eo units are compatible with Televis system monitoring applications.

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