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Emerson optimistic about its ZX units, making a mark with it in Saudi Arabia

| | Oct 15, 2010 | 12:28 pm
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Emerson optimistic about its ZX units, making a mark with it in Saudi Arabia

Globally speaking, 37% of Emerson’s business in 2009 came from new products, revealed Amitesh Singh, Manager Business Development for the MEA region of Emerson. Singh said the figure represented a significant milestone for the company, as it indicated the company’s sharp leaning towards investment in R&D.

In the region, Singh said, Emerson was equally active in its product-development initiatives. Taking cognisance of local conditions, the company has brought about changes to products, in effect “glocalising its products”. Case-in point, the company’s ZX condensing units, which are applied in the region in restaurants, cold stores, supermarkets, small cold rooms and bakeries, all of which require precise temperature control, in Singh’s words.

“The ZX, which uses scroll technology, saves 20% of energy bills,” Singh said. “In addition, there is its low-noise characteristic. New customers do like the ZX.”

Added K Jayakumar, the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing for the MEA region: “The ZX has broken barriers. The region is used to semi-hermetics but has accepted scroll for refrigeration. The ZX is gaining traction in the region. At the same time, you can’t do away with semi-hermetics, especially for low-temperature applications.”

Generally speaking, the digital scroll technology is picking up in the region, said Tarundeep Singh, the company’s Assistant Marketing Manager. “The digital scroll modulates the capacity of the compressor to meet load requirements and, so, gives energy savings,” he said. “It offers precise temperature and humidity controls of +/- 0.5C.”

Emerson is now striving to make a mark with the scroll in Saudi Arabia, which follows a 60Hz cycle. The company, Jayakumar said, has a strong market participation involving its semi-hermetic units. “We are now trying to protect that brand equity by taking things to the next level by going with the scroll,” he added.

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