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Circulaire Cleanaire


| | Oct 28, 2010 | 2:16 pm
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Saying that gas-phase air filtration is the best method of removing airborne gaseous chemical contaminants from all types of facilities ranging from paper/pulp mill electronic control rooms, industrial processes using chemicals, chemical processing, waste-water treatment, research laboratories and other types of commercial and industrial buildings, Circul-Aire has introduced a green carbon media mix based from coconut shells, called Circulaire Cleanaire.

Circul-Aire claims that the device removes gaseous contaminants that slip through conventional fabric media and HEPA filters, which are incapable of stopping gases. Unlike carbon media of the past, which is typically smooth-surfaced, symmetrically-shaped media pellets, Circulaire Cleanaire is a rough-textured media that has a larger surface area for adsorption and lasts 100% longer, says the manufacturer.

Circul-Aire further claims that the product is HVAC industry’s greenest gas-phase air filtration media, and can be used in industrial complexes, laboratories, office buildings, healthcare facilities, schools, museums, and other commercial buildings where indoor air quality (IAQ) is critical.

According to the manufacturer, the media is a dual mix of MM-1000NS and MM-9000CLT, designed to remove all gaseous contaminant by-products from vehicle emissions, such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitric oxide, as well as ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOC), plus lower molecular weight aldehydes and hydrocarbons.

  The manufacturer explains the process: “The Circulaire Cleanaire proprietary process produces a randomly-shaped granular media, resulting in multi-faceted macro surface adsorption capacity. The media, therefore, lasts longer, claims Circul-Aire, which it says significantly reduces a building’s annual HVAC maintenance and media replacement costs.” It adds that the claim has been made on the basis of recent laboratory tests conducted by Christopher Flaherty, Director of Laboratory Services, and Dr Chang-Seo Lee, associated with the Department of Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering at Concordia University, Montreal.

Circul-Aire lists the following advantages:

  • Coconut-based composition makes it a greener gas-phase media to use with less environmental impact during disposal than the coal-based carbon media used by the competing gas-phase filtration manufacturers
  • Ideally designed and formulated for outdoor air intake
  • Operates with all new and existing models of Circul-Aire’s gas-phase filtration equipment and is a drop-in replacement that is compatible with most competing brands
  • Circul-Aire’s laboratory and tech-chek  programme can verify media for efficacy and adsorption
  • Recirculation through gas-phase filtration conserves energy by reduction of outdoor air intake
  • The chemical media production process complies with ISO-14000 requirements for a closed loop manufacturing process with no environmental impact

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