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Carrier launches a slew of green initiatives

Company showcases sustainable high performance building solutions at its Abu Dhabi conference

| | Oct 15, 2010 | 12:25 pm
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Company showcases sustainable high performance building solutions at its Abu Dhabi conference

Carrier introduced innovative new products and services during its Middle East HVAC Engineering Conference, with a focus on sustainability and high-performance building solutions. The conference took place in September. Sixteen speakers presented solutions for improving energy efficiency to an audience of nearly 300 building professionals, demonstrating how to drive sustainability forward in the Middle East.

In his welcoming remarks, Carrier President, Geraud Darnis discussed Carrier’s intent to work with owners, design consultants and contractors to tackle the issue of energy consumption. “Few innovations shaped modern life more dramatically than the ability to control indoor climate, with buildings and cities throughout the Middle East made possible by this invention,” said Darnis. “As remarkable as Willis Carrier’s invention of modern air conditioning is for our society, today we are presented with a challenge and a new reality. We must all work together to shape the sustainable buildings and cities of the future.”

At the event, Carrier formally launched the latest addition to its portfolio of water-cooled chillers, the Evergreen 19XRD, Carrier’s largest single-piece chiller employing non-ozone depleting refrigerant HFC-134a. The company also launched Aquaforce 30XW, a new generation of water-cooled liquid chillers, which according to the company, offers flexible, energy-efficient solutions for commercial building owners in high-ambient conditions.

During the conference, Carrier also organised a series of 12 engineering workshops, focusing on the application of new products and technologies to achieve the Middle East region’s goal of sustainable development.

The company said that with a strong focus on sustainability, it is committed to developing new products, technologies and resources to help the HVAC industry satisfy the growing demand for environmentally-responsible, high-performance buildings. John Mandyck, Carrier’s vice president for Sustainability & Environmental Strategies, explained, “At Carrier, we believe green products must start at a green company, which is why we have incorporated environmental stewardship into our products, services, operations and culture over the past two decades.”

A natural evolution of Carrier’s approach to sustainability is the AdvanTE3C Solutions Center, a new global group of Carrier Experts in Efficiency and Environment focused on developing sustainable building solutions. Michel Grabon, director of the Center, introduced the new AdvanTE3C engineering capability, which applies today’s technology in an innovative fashion to achieve even greater energy efficiency and environmental benefits for sustainable buildings.

Speaking on the occasion, Paul Fraipont, Managing Director of Carrier Middle East, said: “We see governments, customers, and industry stakeholders across the Middle East paying increasing attention to the sustainability of buildings and communities. Carrier shares this environmental commitment and is bringing to the region new high- technology products consistent with this vision.”

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