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| | Oct 15, 2010 | 2:17 pm
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Claiming that it offers fast and dependable installation, durable performance and is cost effective for maintenance and retrofit applications, Victaulic has announced the launch of AquaFlex stainless steel sprinkler fitting range in Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

Victaulic further claims that AquaFlex requires fewer man hours to install whilst lowering shipping costs with its more compact form. It is a convenient and safe solution, which is easier to position than rigid piping, says the manufacturer.

Victaulic lists the following product features and advantages:

  • The sprinkler fittings are suitable for commercial suspended and hard ceilings and for round or square duct work to provide fire protection where combustible gasses may be present.
  • The fittings are available in two different types – a braided system (FM Approved) and unbraided system (cULus 2443 Listed), with system availability depending on region and on application.
  • The range comes preassembled and consists of a flexible stainless steel hose, available in 790 to 1,830 mm (31 to 72 inches) in length, a reducer for connecting the sprinkler and a branch nipple for attachment to the piping system. A versatile and time-saving, installation-ready bracket is also included when ordered as a kit.

“We are very excited about the launch of the AquaFlex range,” said James Keown, Victaulic fire protection engineer Middle East, about the new product. “Not only do the new products provide an intuitive, dependable solution for our customers, but they also install up to 10 times faster than rigid piping systems – saving time and money.”

According to Victaulic, the AquaFlex line also includes the patent-pending 1-BEE2 installation-ready bracket that installs up to five times faster than any competitive bracket technology. It further added that the new bracket provides easy three-dimensional positioning of the sprinkler and secures mounting to the ceiling grid without tools, allowing instant, centre-of-tile sprinkler positioning.

Victaulic adds that a variety of optional accessories are now available, including the Victaulic FireLock Style 922 FireLock Outlet Tee – for mechanical hole-cut branch-line installation. Further, the AquaFlex hose, 1-BEE2 bracket and other accessories are also available for purchase separately, says the manufacturer.

“The AquaFlex patent-pending 1-BEE2 bracket is designed to firmly grip the ceiling grid, locking the sprinkler into proper operational position,” said Keown. “The unique, adjustable open-gate centre bracket saves time and money during installation by allowing for easy pressure testing of the system and final placement of the sprinkler head, after the ceiling grid is installed,” he added.

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