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Doha engineer invents cooling device

Solar energy-run Cooling Palm claims to be suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

| | Sep 15, 2010 | 4:55 pm
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Solar energy-run Cooling Palm claims to be suited for both indoor and outdoor use

According to a news item in The Peninsula, Farej Sakeri, a Qatari engineer, has designed, what is touted to be an environment-friendly device, called the Cooling Palm. It claims to considerably reduce heat and high levels of humidity in the atmosphere.

Speaking to The Peninsula, Sakeri said: “The multifunctional device can reduce the temperature from some 450ºC to 200ºC. It can also reduce humidity from 60% to 10%, and can also increase the oxygen content in the air from 24% to 40%. It can also absorb the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.” He added that that it had been created keeping in mind the needs of the GCC region.

Alluding to the name of the device, Sakeri explained that since it could be camouflaged to blend into the local landscape in the form of a date palm, it had been named Cooling Palm.

Explaining the working of the device, the news item said that the device owes its multi-functionality to gadgets that can filter air. These include a device that absorbs the moisture in the air, thereby reducing humidity. Another device, then, converts the moisture into water, by condensing it. The water is stored in a tank, and is taken to the top of the Cooling Palm when needed. Here, a device called the Industrial Fog Valve converts the water into cold fog and sprays it into the atmosphere.

“The whole machine is based on solar energy and it needs no electricity or water to run,” said Sakeri. “The leaf-like structures in the palm help to absorb the sun’s energy. The whole machine stands at a height of 40 metres.”

He added that the fog cloud would reach the height of 35 metres from the ground and cover an area of 100 square metres. This can bring down the ambient temperature to between 200ºC and 250ºC. These clouds can also help block the sun’s rays.

“The machine can be installed in all public places. Open areas like the Corniche and the souqs in Qatar can be cooled in this manner, thereby attracting more visitors,” Sakeri told the daily. “The device can be modified and installed at homes.” According to the announcement, though the device was invented by Sakeri, the design of the machine itself was suggested by a senior official in a cleaning company in Doha. The device, therefore, will soon be patented in the name of the company. However, this is not the first device that the engineer has invented, the daily claimed. Sakeri is also credited with creating Zero Smoking, a technology that handles fumes and smoke in factories to reduce its impact on the environment.

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