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Trane launches variable refrigerant system

Claims cost savings and operational improvements across the spectrum.

| | Aug 15, 2010 | 12:29 pm
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Claims cost savings and operational improvements across the spectrum

Trane recently launched its new TVR (Trane Variable Refrigerant) air conditioning system, with the claim that it is ideal for most medium-sized hotels, hospitals, schools, offices and luxury villas and apartments.

Touting the centralised nature of the cooling system as a great space-saver, Trane pointed out that the ability to have adjacent rooms at different temperatures or even switched off was ideal for personalised comfort and energy savings.

According to Trane, the modular design allows for a phased approach to installation. Citing an example Trane explained: if floors of an apartment block are to be leased or occupied at different times, the installation schedule may be tailored to accommodate this. The easy-to-handle modules also make the systems equally suitable for both new construction and retrofit projects, added Trane.

The manufacturer listed the following product features and advantages:

• The system comes with digital scroll compressors with wide capacity modulation, which enables the system to deliver precise temperature control.

• This implies that the entire installation is able to closely match the total load of the building at any given time.

• The system capability ensures that only the required amount of cooling is delivered to the occupied rooms and nowhere else, which translates into reduced energy consumption and run-hours.

Enumerating other benefits, Mohammed Khaja, product leader for unitary systems for Trane in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa, said: “The TVR system offers advantages throughout the project lifecycle, from design, installation and commissioning, through to operation and maintenance.”

TVR is available through select Trane distributors in the Middle East, India and Africa region, the manufacturer said.

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