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Masdar announces ushering in new phase of development

Following the first study, the sustainable city project is to be a test case for urban development.

| | Aug 15, 2010 | 12:43 pm
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Following the first study, the sustainable city project is to be a test case for urban development

Masdar, in an announcement said that apart from gearing up to welcome its first residents in September 2010, with the support of Foster and Partners, it is also nearing completion of its first review. Masdar explained that this was part of a strategic plan to refine the overall master plan design with the benefit of lessons learnt so far. Masdar further claimed that some of the experience gained from the Masdar City project was already influencing the wider city of Abu Dhabi, and the Emirate as a whole.

It cited as example, transfer of knowledge to aid the development of the locally based ‘Estidama’ environmental rating system, similar to LEED.

According to Masdar, the master plan has been designed to be flexible in order to anticipate and incorporate emergent technologies, as well as to respond to lessons learnt during the implementation of the first phases of the project. This flexibility, said Masdar, had allowed for exploration into, for example, off-site power generation and a transport strategy that links into the wider Abu Dhabi network.

The review study, said Masdar, marked an important stage in its evolution, which has been in the process of development for three years, in preparation for the next phase of construction. Further mixed-use phases of Masdar City are now being prepared for imminent start on site, added the press statement.

Commenting on this, Lord Foster said: “We are honoured to be working on the quest for the world’s first sustainable city – and we are excited to be able to review the project at this important moment – with the benefit of many lessons learnt over the past three years.

“Masdar has far-reaching significance as a test-bed and an integrated urban research project of unprecedented scale and ambition. It shows a commitment to infrastructure at the highest political level that is vital for the future of cities, demonstrating the potential for significant reductions in terms of energy consumption, with lessons for wider, global application. I very much hope that by example, it will encourage other bold initiatives around the world.”

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