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Breezair evaporative air conditioning systems

Breezair, Seeley International

| | Aug 15, 2010 | 12:52 pm
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Breezair, Seeley International

Claiming that evaporative cooling technology is ideal for hot, dry climates like the Middle East, as it cools air naturally, effectively and efficiently, Breezair, air cooling technology brand from Seeley International, Australia, has announced its partnership with ClimaGulf Trading, to launch a range of evaporative air conditioning systems in the UAE.

Explaining the process, wherein the cool breeze is created by hot air passing over water soaked cooling pads, Breezair said that natural evaporation helps soak up the heat and cools the hot air. The effect created by evaporative air cooling is similar to the cooler conditions found at or near large expanses of water, Breezair claimed. It added that

Such an air conditioning system is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications, and is beneficial in covered/ventilated places. It further claimed that it helps in controlling heat buildup and smoke and fumes, and ensures flow of cool, natural air.

Breezair lists the following advantages of evaporative cooling over conventional, refrigerated air conditioning:

• Low energy consumption – 20% of what is consumed by conventional air conditioning systems

• Does not contain harmful CFC gases

• Machines are easier and cheaper to install, and easy to maintain

According to the manufacturer, some of the areas where Breezair can be used include, factories, warehouses, commercial kitchens, outdoor Majlis, tents, restaurants (outdoor), airports and hangars, bus stops, zoos, sports grounds, outdoor swimming pools and in poultry farming.

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