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V-shape Coil – Drycooler (GFD), Condenser (GVD)

Güntner Middle East

| | Jul 30, 2010 | 12:51 pm
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Touting them as high capacity, but small footprint products, compared to their power density, Güntner Middle East, of the Güntner Group, has introduced its new GFD and GVD units – the V-shape coil drycooler GFD and V-shape coil condenser GVD.

With this, claims Güntner, it has enlarged the power spectrum of its V-shape coil drycooler and condenser series (GFD and GVD). The V-shape coil drycooler GFD can be designed with a capacity of up to 2MW per unit. The GVD and GFD units come in eight basic models. They offer high flexibility of fin and tube geometries and a large variety of heat exchanger coils, the company adds. It enumerates the following application benefits:

  • An optimally suited unit can be designed for each application.
  • Due to the Güntner floating coil system, the coil can expand without straining the refrigerant-carrying tubes and the unit is protected against refrigerant losses due to leakages.
  • The units are equipped with air-side separation sheets for an optimal fan control. Additionally, the units are suited for all types of fan control – they can be equipped with AC fans (alternating current) or EC fans (electronically commutated).
  • The condenser GVD can be designed to an operating pressure of 41 bar on request. Thus, the unit can also be operated with refrigerants replacing R22, for example, R410A.
  • Optional features and accessories are available for both series.
  • The units are delivered ready for operation, thus obviating installation of individual components on site. Only two crane lugs are required per unit for transportation and mounting. The crane lugs can be moved, so that transportation by crane is possible without cross beams. Despite their size, the units are suited for transportation by truck.

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