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Trane Adds EC Fan Motor Technology

Claims that new tec hnolog y is more energ y efficient than conventional motors.

| | Jul 30, 2010 | 12:09 pm
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Claims that new technology is more energy efficient than conventional motors

Dubbing it as a move to meet building owners’ demand for increased energy efficiency throughout the HVAC system, Trane has announced that it is now applying electronic commutation (EC) fan motor technology throughout its range of chilled water terminals. The company claims that the technology offers office buildings and hotels substantial energy savings and improved user comfort.

According to Trane, EC motors using electronic commutation of motor windings require four times less energy (Watt) than conventional alternating current (AC) motors in the low speed range. While AC fan motors run on fixed speeds, EC fan motors run at all speeds throughout the entire operating range of the unit, with the motor rpmcontrolled via a 0 to10 Volt signal from a unit controller. Without perceptible sound shift, when modulating the fan speed, to adapt to minimum cooling and heating load variations, increased acoustic and thermal comfort is ensured, Trane asserted.

Trane says that it has, therefore, incorporated the new technology into three types of terminal units: the new horizontal concealed fan coil FED; U-Line units and the chilled water cassette CWE.

The FED, Trane further says, is a straight-through fan coil unit that offers up to 100 pa of static pressure within several configurations of coils, plenums, electric heaters and water valves from 0.6 to 4.0 kW within a range of four sizes. The U-Line models’ innovative “u-turn” airflow pattern, claims Trane, fits buildings where individual offices of 10 to 30 m² are grouped along a building’s perimeter. Both FED and U-Line have a slim shape (225 mm high) that makes them suited for concealed installation in office buildings and hotels, Trane further claims.

The third Trane terminal unit with CE fan motor technology, the new chilled water cassette CWE, is reportedly available from 1.5 to 11 kW and comes in five sizes. The system fits seamlessly in all kinds of suspended ceilings in retail or office buildings, adds Trane.

According to the announcement, the new terminal units can be factorymounted and configured with the Trane Tracer ZN525 controller. The new controller maximises EC fan motor technology performance by providing an average of five per cent additional power consumption savings on an annual basis. According to the announcement, it also controls the fan speed to adapt to exact cooling and heating loads of individual rooms or zones in the building, improving room temperature and acoustic comfort.

Commenting on Trane adopting EC fan motor technology, Franck Biegalke, Applied Integrated Systems Leader for Trane Europe, Middle East, India and Africa, said: “Building and hotel owners can reduce energy bills for their airconditioned spaces by up to 90% by incorporating Trane terminal units with EC motor technology into their HVAC system. This technology will help ensure lower electricity cost, thereby limiting impact on the cost of ownership. This will keep rent rates stable for years. In addition, with energy regulations becoming ever more stringent, investing in EC fan motor terminals today will guarantee the value of building assets for years to come.”

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