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Planungsbüro Wins First Daikin Planner Award

Wins awards for Primary Energy Efficiency. Comes up with winning project for air conditioning solution.

| | Jul 30, 2010 | 12:22 pm
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Wins awards for Primary Energy Efficiency. Comes up with winning project for air conditioning solution.

According to an announcement in the Chillventa Newsletter, the first Daikin Planner Awards for Primary Energy Efficiency were presented by Daikin Air Conditioning, Germany, at the 6th Daikin German Planners Day, held from 22 to 23 April in Düsseldorf and at the Zollverein coal mine complex in Essen, in the presence of some 130 guests. The winner was Planungsbüro igb, of Weimar. The winning project was the air conditioning solution planned for an offset printing works in Cologne, using the Daikin VRV3 Energy- Rec System with heat recovery.

The following were the criteria for the award:

  • Substantial saving of primary energy and CO2 emissions
  • The planning challenge created by the project
  • The planning expertise of the company
  • The use of Daikin equipment

The announcement stated that in the jury’s opinion, the project entered by igb ideally fulfilled the requirements.

The announcement elucidated that the complete conversion of the printing works built in 1968 focused on heat displacement within the building. The heat flows generated in the printing works are now reportedly being used by the VRV3 Energy-Rec System, so that they are available for heating the office areas with high energy efficiency.

The report claims that since installation, the printing works has saved 45% of CO2 emissions in the parts of the building supplied by the new plant, and adds that the use of the Daikin VRV technology completely eliminates the need for fossil energy sources to heat the building.

Other awards, says the announcement, went to ZWP Ingenieur of Cologne, for its integrated heating cooling concept of the International School in Frankfurt, and imi Ingenieurbüro of Neumarkt, for the monovalent use of the Daikin VRV system in the Grasenhiller Service Centre. This project, states the announcement, provides performance figures that are 33% better than the requirements of the German Energy Conservation Act (EnEV). The second Planner Award slated to be presented at the 7th Daikin Planners Day in May 2011, says the announcement.

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