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Airtec Products Corp.

| | Jul 30, 2010 | 12:48 pm
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Drawing attention to the lifethreatening trend of intentional inhalation or “huffing,” by children and young adults from access ports on residential and light commercial air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, Airtec Products Corp, manufacturer and importer of HVACR products, has announced the launch of Novent, tamper-resistant locking caps. They claim that the caps aid in the prevention of refrigerant theft and leaks into the environment.

According to Airtec, the corrosionresistant, aluminum-shrouded brass locking caps screw on to standard Schraeder valves. They also comply with the International Mechanical Code (Section 1101-10) and International Residential Code (Section M1411-6) that now mandate tamper-resistant outdoor access ports for all new AC/R installations.

Airtec claims that the patented locking caps, which can only be installed and removed with a special screwdriver or MultiKey key-ring wrench, are available only through wholesale HVAC/R distributors. The locking caps and screwdrivers are colour coded – green for R-22 and pink for R-410A – to assist in preventing accidental refrigerant mixing, and a universal silver is available for use with any refrigerant.

Product features

  • Oil and sealant-resistant neoprene O-ring seals tightly to eliminate refrigerant leaks to the environment.
  • Integral torque limiter prevents overtightening.
  • Precision-machined, high-grade aluminum-shrouded brass fitting resists crushing and removal without a Novent key.

Airtec Products, which is the global distributor for Novent states that the products are sold in two packs, 10 packs and 50 packs of pink, green or silver 1/4-inch-thread, and a pink cap with 5/16-inch thread for imported R-410A equipment, which complies with EEC requirements.

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