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MPM Foiled &mash; Sound-damping Sandwich Steel

Antiphon AB

| | Jul 30, 2010 | 12:56 pm
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Using a sheet metal laminate with a thin foil on one side, Antiphon AB has introduced MPM (metal-polymermetal) foiled – a new product for structureborne sound damping. The core material consists of two zinc-coated sheet steel, laminated with an acoustic inner layer. This, says the manufacturer, can obtain superior structure-borne sound damping, and can be used to reduce vibrations without increasing the weight of the construction. It can replace already existing materials. Aluminium is also an option as core material.

Product features:

  • MPM foiled is available in a wide variety of foil surfaces, colours and patterns.
  • It is delivered in format sizes of maximum dimension 1,250x3000mm.
  • The thinnest sheet is 1.04mm, where the system consists of two sheet steel of thickness 0.5mm, laminated with a 0.04mm acoustic inner layer.
  • For aluminium, the minimum thickness is 1.44mm. The maximum thickness is 6.1mm.
  • It is delivered with a peelable protective film.
  • It can be worked with methods normally used within the industry, to cut, press and punch.
  • Mechanical joints, bonded joints or combinations are of jointing methods used.
  • It can be recycled as standard sheet steel.
  • When bending is required, special instructions might be needed.
  • Welding and laser cutting is not advisable.

Applications :

The durable surface complies with the demands concerning flammability, making it adaptable to marine applications and interior design, such as cabin and corridor panels.

Interior surfaces for the automotive sector, appliance housings, doors and shop lay-outs are other possible application fields. It allows the use of laminated sandwich systems in more visible environments as a decoration material, where sound damping is needed, thus fulfilling the dual demands of aesthetics and functionality.

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