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Microox Heat Exchangers


| | Jul 30, 2010 | 1:20 pm
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Güntner’s latest innovation in the world of heat exchange is its new line of condensers. The Microox GVX Condenser Line is a breakthrough in the history of condensers. The Güntner Microox heat exchanger is the perfection of the micro channel technology and consists completely of aluminium. This was achieved by adjusting the wall thickness of the heat exchanger modules for higher refrigerant pressures. All Microox heat exchangers are produced in modern production lines at Güntner.

Key facts about the Microox Low refrigerant charge:

  • Up to 50% less refrigerant charge compared to capacity
  • The regulation EC 842/2006 (F-Gas regulation) prescribes leak tests, depending on the refrigerant charge of the installation
  • Less leak tests are necessary at a lower refrigerant charge, with reduced CO2 equivalent
  • Corrosion resistant: the heat exchanger consists completely of aluminium, with no galvanic corrosion, powder coated
  • The GVX Microox technology consists completely of aluminium and is lightweight and easy to transport and mount compared to conventional heat exchangers

Wall mounting:

  • The GVX weighs up to 30% less and is well suited for wall mounting, and saves costs
  • Mounting to walls with low wall-bearing capacity is possible
  • No additional wall mounting brackets required
  • Wall mounting beam with or without vibration dampers

Floor mounting:

  • All units are also suitable for floor mounting and can be installed directly on the floor or on U or T beam
  • Enough room for sufficient air supply

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