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Flash Leak Detection Kits

Cliplight Manufacturing

| | Jul 30, 2010 | 12:42 pm
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HVACR aftermarket products manufacturer Cliplight Mfg, has introduced three Flash professional refrigeration system leak detection kits, that include three “no mess” cans of Flash, a reusable charging hose, an ultraviolet (UV) detector light and a carrying case.

Cliplight claims that the vacuum-packed, one-time use cans can each treat up to one five-tonne unit or 64-ounces (1.8-litre) of system oil. Also, unlike other dyes on the market, states the manufacturer, Flash does not use an injector or polyolester (POE) oil as a carrier. Instead, it uses Cliplight’s own Dry R drying agent, combined with the charging hose’s 29/1,000ths orifice to instantaneously mist the dye into the system, keep it stable and prevent crystallisation.

According to Cliplight, the kits vary by UV fluorescing light function and illuminating range as follows:

  • Dual Pro 82 Kit uses the Cool Dual UV/White LED Light that functions both as a close range UV dye detector and a conventional flashlight in an aluminum casing, with an anti-drop wrist strap. The light includes 21 UV LEDs, 20 white LEDs and 4-AAA batteries.
  • Mini Pro 84 uses Cliplight’s Vector 4 UV LED Light with patented focal lens technology for inspections up to 15 feet. The Vector 4 has a fourhour continuous use life and a 9V battery internal energy management system, ensuring full UV output throughout the battery life, with an intermittent on/off switch and orange 10-minute low battery warning light. It also includes an anti-drop wrist strap and 9V battery.
  • Maxi Pro 87 uses Cliplight’s Vector 7 UV LED Light that focuses seven LED beams into one light source extending up to 20 feet. The cordless Vector 7 is rechargeable with a five-hour continuous use life and NiMH, 1,800-Ah battery that has no charging memory precautions. The light includes both an AC/ DC charger and low battery indicator.

Other leak-detection features of the kits include:

  • Universal dye compatible with all refrigerants and oils
  • No contaminating moisture introduced to the system, as Dry R is used as a dye carrier and stabiliser instead of POE oil
  • No clean-up, hand contact, storage or injectors needed – system refrigerant fills the can, mixes with Flash and instantaneously distributes it throughout the system
  • Reusable charging hose is cleaned automatically for the next application from solvency of system refrigerant exiting the Flash can
  • Charging hose’s 29/1,000ths-inch throttling orifice guarantees no dye liquid will reach the suction line of the compressor
  • No UV enhancement eyewear needed, as all kits use professional UV leakdetection lights
  • All kits include service stickers for quick ID on future servicing
  • Customer service support

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