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Swirl Diffuser Twisted 850

Aldes Group

| | Jun 20, 2010 | 4:13 pm
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Buildings in the UAE should have high mixing rates of space air diffusion, whose ideal level is for someone to feel neither hot nor cold.

Aldes’ Swirl Diffuser Twisted 850

Aldes’ Swirl Diffuser Twisted 850

This, according to Francois Biguenet, product manager at Aldes Group. “The comfort in air diffusion is when there is nothing to feel, nothing to hear and nothing to see,” he said, referring to the new Aldes air diffusers, which do not create noise and can be installed in ceilings as part of their design.

Speaking before the Air Diffusion Seminar, held recently in Dubai, Biguenet said the diffusion by air mixing, which accounts for 70% of the HVAC systems in Western Europe, is best for the UEA due to its hot temperature.

The diffusion by active chilled beams, which is 20% of the HVAC systems in Western Europe, is good for green buildings in that region. “We’re not promoting this in the Middle East,” he said.

Aldes, which manufactures the whole range of grilles and diffusers for the HVAC industry, introduced its new Swirl Diffuser Twisted 850 to the Middle East market during the seminar.

Dedicated to air conditioning, the product is equipped with a patented system of swirl diffusion, providing added mixing capacity on a wide range of airflow. It achieves the “Coandă effect”, or when a low pressure area causes the moving air mass to cling to and flow close to the ceiling surface.

In space air diffusion, a good air distribution design is one that makes use of room surfaces to keep supply air away from the occupied area.

A component of an HVAC system for commercial buildings, a chilled beam is located in the room itself and uses water to remove heat from a room. This system relies on air handling units to remove heat from the room air and transfer it to the water. The chilled water is, then, blown into occupied spaces through ducts.

No wonder Biguenet pointed out that commercial buildings, schools, universities, dry labs and hospitals must “optimise energy consumption through good ductworks”.

He said that design, energy efficiency and comfort in HVAC products and design are what the current market needs. “The ease of using the product, its good design and its easy installation and commissioning,” he said, “are what consumers are looking for.”

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