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| | Jun 20, 2010 | 4:16 pm
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Adding the RTAC XE (EXtra Efficiency) to its RTAC range of air-cooled helicalrotary chilled water systems, Trane says that the newly launched product is particularly suitable for applications requiring reliability and safety. This includes industrial, hotel and office buildings, hospitals and clean rooms. The new RTAC XE 430-1520KW-chilled water system is Eurovent Class A certified, with an average Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 3.15.

According to Trane, energy saving is achieved with the patented falling film evaporator technology, minimising the expense of operating a chilled water system, which can amount to over 90% of the total lifetime cost of an HVAC system.

Manufacturers enumerate the following features of the new product:

  • The RTAC XE is equipped with a compressor with variable unloading, which is able to closely match a building’s cooling load or an industrial process load.
  • The RTAC XE’s helicalrotary compressor has few moving parts to maximise operational reliability.
  • To ensure quick and seamless installation, RTAC XE units are tested, and refrigerant and oil charged in the factory.
  • The compact system requires minimal clearance space around the unit to ensure it fits into small spaces.

“Maximum energy efficiency and reliability are equally important factors in minimising the lifetime costs of operating an HVAC system,” says Pierre Cazal, Vice President, Product Management and Equipment Solutions for Trane Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. “The RTAC XE delivers both. With the RTAC XE, customers get safety and robustness, as well as built-in energy efficient technology.”

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