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Bassam Elassaad Joins GEA Consulting

Brings to the table his experience in the HVAC industry.

| | Jun 20, 2010 | 2:24 pm
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Brings to the table his experience in the HVAC industry

GEA Consulting, which provides engineering and management expertise to the HVAC and manufacturing industries, recently announced that Bassam Elassaad has joined its team as Director, Business Development for the Middle East.

Elassaad brings with him his expertise in strategic marketing and communications in the HVAC and environmental industries, as also his background in sales and general management. He has covered markets and customers in Europe, Middle East and North America, which gives him an extra breadth in approaching and advising strategic partners.

“Bassam will expand our reach into new markets, as well as add strategic communications expertise to the portfolio of our marketing team,” said Larry Butz, President, GEA Consulting. “HVAC business effectiveness is a growing part of our global services, and enhancing our resources in the fields of marketing and business globalisation has been part of GEA’s vision.”

Bassam brings in over 35 years experience in the industry, most of which were at Trane, but he also covered industrial fans and blowers, during his stint at Chicago Blower. He is a Professional Engineer from Ontario, Canada and is based in Brussels, Belgium.

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