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Tour & Andersson Organises Seminar On Variable Flow Techniques

Concludes that simple met hods can provide long-term energy saving and reduce installation costs

| | May 15, 2010 | 10:25 am
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Concludes that simple met hods can provide long-term energy saving and reduce installation costs

The recently held seminar organised by Tour & Andersson in Abu Dhabi, titled, ‘Investment and Energy Saving Opportunities in Variable Flow Systems’, addressed the key issues surrounding variable flow and looked various ways in which temperature fluctuations and inadequately sized variable speed pumps (VSPs) can create a negative effect on the efficiency of the entire system.

Considering the need to reduce energy use, the seminar discussed how the correct placement and sizing of a variable speed pump can help minimise the energy used in the system, whilst still operating to the same high level.

The seminar, attended by 134 delegates, was well received. Sabah N Mohammed, MEP Manager from Al Bayaty Architects, said, “The seminar was informative and increased our knowledge related to energy consumption”.

Bassam Al-Awar, General Manager, Tour & Andersson Middle East & Africa, said: “This seminar supports UAE’s Green Building initiatives on energy savings. By looking at the key issues surrounding variable flow, and more specifically how to reduce cost and energy use, we can help delegates to understand how VSPs can be used to achieve such savings, simply by fitting them in the correct place within the system.”

By guiding professionals from the early design stages through to long-term maintenance, we are able to suggest the best ways in which to utilise the technology to create ongoing savings, both financially and environmentally,” he added.

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