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Qatar Sustainability Conference Brings Key Stakeholders Together

QSC 2010 helps place Qatar favourably on the international sustainability map

| | May 15, 2010 | 10:27 am
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QSC 2010 helps place Qatar favourably on the international sustainability map

Launched under the theme of ‘Energy and Water Efficiency’, the Qatar Sustainability Conference 2010 was held from April 13 to 15, with the avowed objective of fostering sustainable policies, products and services and best green practices in building and technologies.

Held at the Doha Exhibitions Center, the conference was inaugurated on April 12, in the presence of sustainability experts, speakers and key stakeholders in the construction industry, such as architects, civil engineers, landscapers, mechanical engineers, agents, manufacturers and suppliers.

Organised by IFP-Qatar, the conference was concurrently held with Project Qatar 2010 – the 7th International Trade Exhibition for Construction Technology and Building Materials.

The second edition of the three-day event aimed at closely examining options for alternative energy sources, particularly water and solar power. It also acted as a platform for experts from the construction industry to address green-sensitive issues through learning, engaging, exchanging and partnering to find solutions for the sustainability of the planet.

One of the major aims of the conference was to encourage fruitful collaboration between the government, NGOs and private entities to prioritise on the use of sustainable building technologies that are designed to minimise environmental damage, despite the high cost and long return on investment of sustainable solutions.

As a part of the exercise to demonstrate the efficiency of solar and water energies via already implemented projects in Doha and worldwide, local, regional and international case studies of scale were closely examined.

The first session of the conference welcomed Mohamed Jaber, Chair of the Education Committee in the Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC), whose mission is to increase awareness among people by developing a set of environmental and green building best practice guidelines through research and development. Jaber shared with the attendees his views on ‘Holistic Approach to Green Building Design’.

The conclusion of day one also saw distribution of trophies to the speakers by IFP-Qatar, in recognition of their efforts and inputs.

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