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EZ Trap


| | May 15, 2010 | 11:07 am
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Saying that condensate traps are recommended by the International Mechanical Code to eliminate conditioned air from inefficiently escaping through condensate drain lines in both residential and commercial HVAC units, Airtec has introduced EZ Trap as an addition to its series.

EZ Trap Model EXT-626

EZ Trap Model EXT-626

Airtec, manufacturers of air diffusion, condensate management and lineset ducting products, claim that the new product is the HVAC industry’s only cleanable solution that prevents microbial-laced ambient air infiltration entering into commercial, residential and mini-split air conditioning airstreams through the drain line and air handler. They add that the product also reduces air conditioning efficiency in negative pressure systems and also prevents energy loss due to conditioned air being expelled through the drain line on positive pressure systems. Thus, it addresses both health and green concerns.

Salient features of EZ Trap are:

  • It comes with a line of condensate traps, condensate overflow cutoff switches and other accessories.
  • Transparent condensate traps that help “see the problem”.
  • Easily cleanable PVC trap in both standard “P” trap configuration and configurations for all air conditioning systems brands and models.
  • “Waterless” configurations that provide the benefits of a trap without the presence of standing water that can be used for conventional split systems, commercial rooftop units and minisplit units that feature a mechanical trapping method.
  • The traps automatically drain bacteria-generating standing water and eliminate the danger of clogs, dry trap or freeze damage, while providing all of the benefits of a standard trap.
  • Comply with the International Mechanical Code that mandates a condensate drain line trap.

Other features in the line are:

  • The EZ Trap 100 and 200 Series feature adaptable Schedule 40 1-inch and 3/4-inch-diameter crosses, tees and other fittings to accommodate field installation challenges.
  •  The 200 Series of SmartTrap kits come with integral float switch overflow protection mounted in the trap, which can be field-installed to activate a visual or audible warning alarm.
  •  The 220 Series has microswitch overflow cut-off switches.
  •  The 300 Series UltraSwitch is a selfevacuating electronic overflow switch with an integral mini pump that evacuates the drain pan, cutting power to the unit and continuously pumps the melting evaporator coil ice from the condensate pan and requires activating a manual reset to restart the unit after troubleshooting.
  • The 600 Series of kits provide a trap for the primary drain pan outlet to prevent infiltration of unconditioned air and a cut-off switch for the secondary drain pan outlet to provide overflow protection

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