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Dry-O-Tron DSV Series Dehumidifier

Dectron Inc.

| | May 15, 2010 | 11:01 am
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Claiming that it is the industry’s only dehumidifier offering engineers and contractors a choice of three environmentally friendly refrigerants – R-134a, R-407C and R-410A, Dectron Inc, manufacturer of indoor air quality equipment, has introduced the Dry-O-Tron DSV Series, dehumidifier, designed for light commercial and residential indoor pool and spa areas.

According to Dectron Inc, besides the regular features of heat recovery for free pool water heating, the DSV Series includes green features such as a variable frequency drive (VFD)-controlled plenum fans, optional electronically commutated (EC) motors, micro channel condensing coils and energy-saving microprocessor-based controller and diagnostics monitor, Supervisaire. The Supervisaire continually reviews 28 sensing points, which Dectron Inc says, is the most in the industry, thus optimising energy savings with quick response time.

The manufacturers enumerate the following advantages of the product:

  • Combination of ECM or VFD with direct drive plenum fans are 12 to 14% more efficient than fans using conventional belt-driven drives
  • An optional micro channel outdoor condenser that requires 60% less refrigerant along with night setback and load shedding demandcontrolling features
  •  Space-saving vertical configuration with a 60% smaller footprint requirement than horizontal counterparts, offering up to 10 field-selectable air discharge locations
  • Mirror image options for optimum field installation flexibility
  • Residential sizes that fit through 32-inch-wide doors

Other features include:

  • Optional space air conditioning along with optional space electric, hot water or steam heating
  • Available in two-tonne to 16-tonne sizes
  • Chloraguard, indoor air purification system option that removes harmful chloramines and other airborne gaseous contaminants commonly found in indoor pool spaces
  • Chloraguard’s aftermarket service, supported by the Circul-aire’s team of scientists and the Tech-Chek preventative maintenance programme and testing laboratory
  • Water Smart offers space conditioning without water flow
  • Heavy gauge epoxy-painted metal cabinet and corrosionresistant HyPoxy-coated coils
  • Scroll compressors Dectron Inc, with Dectron Internationale as its parent company, add that every unit is factory tested under each application’s simulated operating parameters and that extended warranty plans are available.

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