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10,000 Fake Danfoss Products Seized In Dubai

Economic crisis cited as reason for counterfeit products flooding the market

| | May 15, 2010 | 10:16 am
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In a recent anti-piracy raid, police and government officials in Dubai, reportedly recently seized more than 10,000 fake Danfoss products. It is claimed to be one of the biggest hauls of pirated Danfoss products in the company’s history.

The products were seized from 20 different Dubai companies, which were trying to sell them at the same price as the original Danfoss products.

Danfoss’ Intellectual Property department, which cooperated with the Dubai authorities during the investigation leading up to the raid, does not believe that the size of the catch is a coincidence. “Due to the economic crisis, more and more manufacturers and trading companies try to survive by producing or selling 10,000 fake Danfoss products seized in Dubai Economic crisis cited as reason for counterfeit products flooding the market pirated products. It is bad for Danfoss’ reputation and endangers our sales,” said Li Zhu, Global Anti-counterfeiting Coordinator, Danfoss, China.

All the seized products are now stored in a government warehouse in Dubai, and will be destroyed. The products include 7,800 filter driers, 1,565 expansion valves, 1,575 orifices, 212 compressors, and 1,625 product labels.

Danfoss Property investigates and files lawsuits against businesses that sell fake Danfoss products. The department expects to file lawsuits against the companies in Dubai and conduct major anti-counterfeiting investigations and raids in other countries soon.

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