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Flowserve McCANNA Cartridge Ball Valve

Flowserve Corporation

| | Mar 15, 2010 | 4:21 pm
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Flowserve McCANNA

Flowserve McCANNA

Flowserve Corporation has introduced the Flowserve McCANNA cartridge ball valve, a flow control product for the HVAC industry which is designed for less maintenance and more productivity in hazardous or remote applications.

“Flowserve has the experience to design products that increase plant safety and productivity in the most demanding applications,” said Brian Hood, product manager at Flowserve Flow Control Division.

The new product’s captive self-aligning bolting enables its internal cartridge assembly to be robotically removed and replaced in one assembly. During an emergency, valve components can be accessed or replaced in minutes.

Hood remarked, “The McCANNA cartridge ball valve simplifies installation and maintenance while withstanding high operating temperatures and hazardous process fluids.”

The valve’s design is based on proven McCANNA top-entry valve technology. It has a unique one-piece metal seat, which provides better wear resistance and a higher operating temperature range compared to soft-seated designs. The full port top-entry valve uses a single bonnet seal and live loaded stem seals for high seal integrity in hazardous applications.

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