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CKL Flat Station


| | Mar 15, 2010 | 4:36 pm
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Having components designed for low-supply temperature, Danfoss’s CKL Flat Station is compact and environment-friendly, easy to install (designed for wall mounting) and use and has quiet cooling solutions.

Danfoss said in a note that district cooling flat stations are used in the process of distributing cooling energy into a building, and do not include hazardous refrigerants.

“Of course, the cooling flat stations can also be used in connection with loal chilled water process chillers and traditional chillers,” Danfoss said in a product note.

A standard range of flat station types includes six stations in different sizes and capacities. “When necessary, tailored cooling stations are designed and manufactured according to specification and requirements given by the customer,” Danfoss stressed.

Fitted with plate heat exchangers, the CKL cooling flat stations enable heat transfer via the heavy turbulence and counterflow principle. The cooling substations have internal electrical connections, and are built with prefabricated parts.

These parts are made with automatic pipe-bending equipment, giving supreme quality and short delivery time, Danfoss said.

Buildings do not need traditional chillers when using district cooling, where energy is utilised efficiently from a centralised production system by distributing it to the industrial, commercial and residential buildings to cool the indoor climate.

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