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AECOM, ADSSC on Two New Sewage Projects

These are part of ADSSC’s $7b investment programme over the next five years

| | Mar 15, 2010 | 2:52 pm
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These are part of ADSSC’s $7b investment programme over the next five years

AECOM in the Middle East is teaming up with the Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company (ADSSC), to help deliver two projects that will provide facilities for isolated properties in the capital.

The first project involves supervising the design and construction of sewerage connections and related works for said properties while the second project is for the second phase of the design and construction supervision of wastewater relocation works under the roads and utility schemes in Abu Dhabi.

These projects are part of ADSSC’s $6.54-billion (Dh24bn) investment programme over the next five years which will prepare Abu Dhabi to meet the Emirates 2030 Vision with a state-of-the-art wastewater infrastructure.

“ADSSC has a very large programme of work requiring expertise from around the globe,” said the company’s managing director, Alan Thomson. “Our relationship with AECOM is an important element of programme delivery, and we are pleased to continue our relationship with AECOM following the award of these contracts.”

The range of current commissions with ADSSC includes the relocation of wastewater trunk lines along Salam Street. AECOM is also involved in the delivery of four projects under construction on the same street, in addition to the design review and construction supervision of sewage treatment plants in Zafaran, Mafraq and Zakher.

Noting the 15-year working relationship between the two companies, David Barwell, CEO of AECOM in the Middle East, hopes this will continue with the help of the latest contracts.

He remarked, “These two new wins build upon our existing successful working relationship with ADSSC and is testament to the confidence that ADSSC has in AECOM, providing the expertise that is much needed in a fast growing part of the country.”

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