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Ecocirc e3 Series Circulators

ITT Bell & Gossett

| | Feb 15, 2010 | 11:01 am
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Introducing a new line of energy-efficient potable water recirculator pumps, Bell & Gossett say that the use of a revolutionary technology helps achieve significant energy savings while delivering instant hot water to every faucet.

According the manufacturers, featuring ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) technology and a patented spherical motor design, eliminates the need for a conventional shaft, seal and bearing assembly. The rotor/impeller is the only moving part in the entire pump and it is magnetically balanced on a stationery ceramic bearing inside the pump housing to provide silent, long-lasting operation.

This design allows the ecocirc to use 68% less energy than most standard pumps and can save an average family of four more than 12,000 gallons of water a year by eliminating the need to wait for hot water to reach the plumbing fixture, claim Bell & Gossett. Using only 10 watts of power, the equivalent of a small nightlight, the ecocirc can save a home owner hundreds of dollars in energy costs a year, they add.

Other special features include:

  • Maintenance-free, long-lasting operation
  • Seal-less and leak-free
  • Resistant to scale build-up, ensuring optimal flow
  • Only self-realigning bearing in the small pump market
  • Self-lubricating and automatically cooled by pump media
  • Resin-encompassed stators eliminate corrosion
  • Energy savings pay back the cost of the pump within months
  • The magnetically centred rotor can tilt to avoid small particles
  • Built-in temperature sensor automatically adjusts frequency and voltage
  • Built-in 24 hour timer
  • Motor is separated from wetted parts by a stainless steel partition
  • Superior starting torque
  • Easy to install

The recirculator pump is also available with a timer module that adapts to all ecocirc circulators. The plug-in timer design makes it possible to convert the pump to a timer- controlled unit for greater energy savings.

According to Bell & Gossett, it acquired the technology in 2009 when ITT purchased German pump manufacturer Laing GmbH – a producer of energyefficient circulator pumps used in residential and commercial plumbing and HVAC systems.

Driven by government regulations, the European market has more stringent energy standards that require more technologically advanced pumps.

“The ecocirc demonstrates ITT’s ongoing commitment to more energyefficient products for plumbing and HVAC systems,” said Monica Levy, Director of Communications at ITT’s Residential and Commercial business.

“We are excited about expanding this platform of products going forward.”

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