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Condensation Monitor Series EE46

E+E Elektronik

| | Feb 15, 2010 | 11:05 am
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Pointing out that cooling ceilings and other critical areas in HVAC and technical installations, which are operating close to the dewpoint temperature, need an early alarm system against moisture formation, because of potential danger of condensation, E+E Elektronik has introduced the specially designed Condensation Monitor EE46. The product helps early detection of condensation so that immediate countermeasures can be taken, claim the manufacturers, and add that it can be installed in a few seconds on pipelines, walls and ceilings.

According E+E Elektronik, a special coating protects the sensor and electronics against dirt and dust, thus ensuring a long-lasting , stable and maintenance-free operation. It is designed to be powered by 24 V ac/dc, They explain how it works:

  • The fast-response E+E humidity sensor is exposed to the temperature of the surface of the object by means of a thermal conducting foil.
  • Therefore, the humidity sensor measures the same relative humidity as is present at the surface of the object to be monitored.
  • If the preset set point of 90%RH is exceeded, the monitor switches a potential free contact and provides a signal, facilitating taking countermeasures, for example, to increase the temperature of the water in the pipe, to decrease the cooling power or to turn on the heat.
  • In addition, a LED on the enclosure indicates the actual status.

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