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Digital Issue of July 2016
July 27th, 2016 | 5.23pm
  • | Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Temperature: 36°C | Relative Humidity: 42%
  • | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates | Temperature: 36.2°C | Relative Humidity: 43%
  • | Doha, Qatar | Temperature: 37°C | Relative Humidity: 50%
  • | Fujairah, United Arab Emirates | Temperature: 33°C | Relative Humidity: 71%
  • | Muscat, Oman | Temperature: 31°C | Relative Humidity: 66%
  • | Manama, Bahrain | Temperature: 34.1°C | Relative Humidity: 62%
  • | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | Temperature: 39°C | Relative Humidity: 23%
  • | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia | Temperature: 33°C | Relative Humidity: 56%
  • | Dammam, Saudi Arabia | Temperature: 35°C | Relative Humidity: 50%
  • | Kuwait City, Kuwait | Temperature: 43°C | Relative Humidity: 15%

Quote Yard

  • "There are two key ways all businesses stand to gain from being environmentally conscious. First, by eliminating waste and doing things more efficiently, companies save money. Second, by using sustainability to drive innovation, new products become more effective, more desirable to customers and, thus, more profitable. Let me repeat that: More savings. More innovation. More customers. More money." | Read more » — Rick Fedrizzi, CEO and Founding Chair of USGBC
  • "In any given building, HVAC represents an average 52% of the total energy consumed by that building. The retrofitting of HVAC and refrigeration systems can not only dramatically reduce energy consumption and related utility bills but also improve the indoor air quality." | Read more » — Peter Bush, CEO of Aeris Environmental
  • "What is interesting in Saudi Arabia is that there is a certain level of correction. There’s going to be both short-term and medium-term [changes]; there will be a certain level of stabilisation. So during that process of transition, one has to align his own capabilities to prepare himself for what is likely to come. And with Saudi Arabia, because of its political and economic conditions, it has to find operational efficiency. FM is the ideal tool to find efficiency." | Read more » — Tariq Chauhan, Group CEO, EFS Facilities Services Group
  • "Furthermore, radiant technology allows us to reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions, because it only requires water. In terms of initial investment cost, it is more expensive than conventional air conditioners, but its running cost is only a third of the cost of conventional systems. In the long term, radiant panel technology is cheaper and more eco-friendly." | Read more » — Hideo Sawada, Chairman of H.I.S. Co and CEO of HUIS TEN BOSCH Co
  • "With any phase-out, it’s always government-driven, either via incentives, taxes or by an actual ban. That is typically how it works in the industry, so you have to have regulations or a government system in place to promote the phase-down or phase-out. It’s very difficult to pursue something that is industry-driven." | Read more » — Michael Jorde, International Marketing Manager of Harp International
  • "The retrofitting of HVAC and refrigeration systems can not only dramatically reduce energy consumption and related utility bills but also improve the indoor air quality." | Read more » — Peter Bush, CEO of Aeris Environmental
  • "The sun stood out as an ideal replacement for fossil fuels resources. These two energy resources emerge in completely different directions, where the more demand for fossil fuels, the higher the price, whilst the more demand for solar energy the cheaper the cost. I believe this is will be visionary smart investment in the long run." | Read more » — H.E. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD and CEO of DEWA
  • "If you are paying AED 10 million a year, and the next year you are paying AED 20 million a year, you start thinking about retrofitting." | Read more » — Hassan Younes of UAE-based MEP firm, Griffin Consultants

Climate Control Television

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Country Reports

Featured Image

Turkey – stirred but not shaken

Turkey has recently been the epicentre of world news due to tectonic shifts in the region. This has in some ways impacted, yet strengthened the HVAC industry in the country for the coming years, say experts.

Market Features

Featured Image

Clearing the mist over outdoor cooling

While rough economic conditions may have slowed down some sectors in the region, the outdoor cooling industry looks to new markets, like affordable housing, and innovations in evaporative cooling and misting technologies to keep demand strong and achieve growth.


Featured Image

Combating Legionella

Poorly maintained cooling towers could be a breeding ground for the legionella bacteria, posing a serious health hazard to those exposed to it. Glenn Dobbs discusses ways to prevent legionella growth, while achieving energy savings, through using cooling tower water filtration systems and basin agitation.

Case Studies

Featured Image

Re‘storing’ the cooling system

A UK-based archive storage company, dealing in both physical and electronic data, needed a precision cooling upgrade. DencoHappel offered its consulting and product solutions. We bring you the case study…

Energy Efficiency

Featured Image

Pumping life into the market – energy efficiency

What can the HVAC pumps market expect in 2016? Players from the sector try to answer the question, and also share their views on the importance of flow-rate, pressure loss and operating costs, vis-à-vis the selection of pumps for HVAC applications.


Reflections on the HVAC Industry

Featured Image

What ails our industry – Part II

In this, the second of a six-part series, George Berbari turns his attention to what he describes as the less-than-salubrious state of affairs concerning air-cooled chillers and decorative and ducted-split systems



Featured Image

A birds’-eye view of frozen foods

History is simultaneous, and not linear, as historians would have us believe. In this tangled simultaneity of events, with claims and counter-claims of being the first one at the finishing line, here’s following one strand…


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